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Trends in Optics

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Trends in Optics

Anna Consortini

ISBN 0121860302
Pages 587

Anna Consortini, The President of the International Commission for Optics (ICO), has accommodated a broad spectrum of optical science topics in Trends in Optics. This book, a compilation of research reviews written by outstanding figures in the field of optics, is aimed not only at specialists in the optical sciences, but also at scientists in other fields who might want to broaden their knowledge of optics. The latest developments in this rapidly progressing field are described, and new applications are detailed--including some previously undisclosed material on the U.S. 'Star Wars project. Authoritative and approachable, this volume should provide comprehensive insight into the ever-expanding optical sciences.

E.N. Leith, A Short History of the Optics Group of the Willow Run Laboratories. A. Toshimitsu and A. Yoshihisa, Bio-Speckles. G. Zaccanti and D. Contini, Photon Migration and Imaging of Biological Tissues. E. Lange, Y. Nitta, and K. Kyuma, Direct Image Processing Using Artificial Retina Chips. E. Wolf, Principles and Developments of Diffraction Tomography. J. Turunen and F. Wyrowski, Diffractive Optics: from Promise to Fruition. A.A. Friesem and Y. Amitai, Planar Diffractive Elements for Compact Optics. K.A. ODonnell, Resonant Light Scattering from Weakly Rough Metal Surfaces. A. Rebane, Femtosecond Time-and-Space-Domain Holography. D. Psaltis, G. Barabastathis, and M. Levene, Holographic 3D Disks Using Shift Multiplexing. D.A.B. Miller, Dense Optical Interconnections for Silicon Electronics. J.W. Goodman and J.C. Lam, Fan-in Loss for Electrical and Optical Interconnections. J. Shamir, Signal Processing and Storage Using Hybrid Electro-Optical Procedures. J. Ojeda-Castaneda, Youngs Experiment in Signal Synthesis. C. De Mol, Resolution Enhancement by Data Inversion Techniques. G.S. Spagnolo, Electronic Speckle Pattern Inferometry: anAid in Cultural Heritage Protection. S.M. Flatte, Numerical Simulation of Irradiance Fluctuations for Optical Waves through Atmospheric Turbulence. R.J. Hill, Optical Scintillation Methods of Measuring Atmospheric Surface Fluxes of Heat and Momentum. R. Frehlich, Coherent Doppler Lidar Measurements of Winds. D. Joyeux, P. Jaegle, and A. LHuillier, Doing Coherent Optics with Soft X-Rays Sources. S.S. Lee, C.S. Rim, Y.M. Cho, D.E. Kim, and C.H. Nam, Axially Symmetric Multiple Mirror Optics for Soft X-Ray Projection Microlithography. J.J. Lunazzi, Olmec Mirrors: an Example of Archaeological American Mirrors. G. Molesini and V. Greco, G. Galilei, Research and Development of the Telescope. C. Gomez-Reino and J. Linares-Beiras, GRIN Optics: Practical Elements. F.T.S. Yu, Photorefractive Fibers: Fabrication and Hologram Construction. F.T. Arecchi, S. Boccaletti, E. Pampaloni, P.L. Ramazza, and S. Residori, Optical Morphogenesis: Dynamics of Patternsin Passive Optical Systems. K. Ernst, High Sensitivity Molecular Spectroscopy with Diode Lasers. C. Gorecki and P. Sandoz Sub-Micron Optical Metrology Using Laser Diodes and Polychromatic Light Sources. G.-G. Mu, Z.-L. Fang, F.-L. Liu, and H.-C. Zhai, A Physical Method for Color Photography. C.J. Chang-Hasnain, W. Yuen, G.S. Li, and L.E. Eng, Multi-Wavelength Vertical Cavity Laser Arrays by Molecular Beam Epitaxy. W.J. Kozlovski, Compact Blue-Green Laser Sources. Subject Index.