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Elementary Linear Algebra,

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Elementary Linear Algebra,

Stephen Andrilli, David Hecker

ISBN 0120586215
Pages 644

The transition to upper-level math courses is often difficult because of the shift in emphasis from computation (in calculus) to abstraction and proof (in junior/senior courses). This book provides guidance with the reading and writing of short proofs, and incorporates a gradual increase in abstraction as the chapters progress. This helps students prepare to meet the challenges of future courses such as abstract algebra and elementary analysis.

Preface 1. Vectors and Matrices 2. Systems of Linear Equations 3. Determinants and Eigenvalues 4. Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces 5. Linear Transformations 6. Orthogonality 7. Complex Vector Spaces and General Inner Products 8. Additional Applications 9. Numerical Methods 10. Additional Topics