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Computable Calculus

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Computable Calculus

Oliver Aberth

ISBN 0120417529
Pages 192

Computable Calculus treats the fundamental topic of calculus in a novel way that is more in tune with today's computer age. Comprising 11 chapters and an accompanying CD-ROM, the book presents mathematical analysis that has been created to deal with constructively defined concepts. The book's 'show your work' approach makes it easier to understand the pitfalls of various computations and, more importantly, how to avoid these pitfalls.

The accompanying CD-ROM has self-contained programs that interact with the text, providing for easy grasp of the new concepts and enabling readers to write their own demonstration programs.

Introduction; The Real Numbers; Solvable Problems and Nonsolvable Problems; Sequences and Functions; The Ideal Computer; Limits; Uniformly Continuous Functions The Derivative; The Riemann Integral; Functions of Two Variables; The Differential Equation y'=f(x,y); Ideal Computer Simulation; References; About the CD; Index