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K.D. Bierstedt, J. Bonet, M. Maestre, J. Schmets

ISBN 044450219X
Pages 468

This Proceedings Volume contains 32 articles on various interesting areas of
present-day functional analysis and its applications: Banach spaces and
their geometry, operator ideals, Banach and operator algebras, operator and
spectral theory, Frechet spaces and algebras, function and sequence spaces.
The authors have taken much care with their articles and many papers present
important results and methods in active fields of research. Several survey
type articles (at the beginning and the end of the book) will be very useful
for mathematicians who want to learn 'what is going on' in some particular
field of research.

List of sponsors and committees. Schedule. List of the special sessions. Schedules of the special sessions. Schedule of the poster sessions. List of participants. List of contributors. The mathematical works of Manuel Valdivia, II (J. Schmets). Fréchet differentiability of Lipschitz functions (a survey) (J. Lindenstrauss, D. Preiss). Summing inclusion maps between symmetric sequence spaces, a survey (A. Defant, M. Mastylo, C. Michels). Applications of Banach space theory to sectorial operators (N. Kalton). Derivations from Banach algebras (H.G. Dales). Homomorphisms of uniform algebras (T.W. Gamelin). Generic Dynamics and monotone complete C -algebras (J.D. Maitland Wright). Linear topological properties of the space of analytic functions on the real line (P. Domański, D. Vogt). Contribution to the isomorphic classification of Sobolev spaces L p (k) (&OHgr;) (1≤ p < ∞) (A. Pelczyński, D. Vogt). Decomposability and the cyclic behavior of parabolic composition operators (J.H. Shapiro). Algebras of subnormal operators on the unit polydisc (J. Eschmeier). An example concerning the local radial Phragmán-Lindelöf condition (R.W. Braun, R. Meise, B.A. Taylor). Continuity of monotone functions with values in Banach lattices (L. Drewnowski). Remarks on Gowers' dichotomy (A.M. Pelczar). Norm attaining operators and James' theorem (M.D. Acosta, J. Becerra Guerrero, M. Ruiz Galán). The extension theorem for norms on symmetric tensor products of normed spaces (K. Floret). Remarks on p -summing multipliers (O. Blasco). Bergman projection on simply connected domains (J. Taskinen). On isomorphically equivalent extensions of quasi-Banach spaces (J.M.F. Castillo, Y. Moreno). Integrated trigonometric sine functions (P.J. Miana). Applications of a result of Aron, Hervés, and Valdivia to the homology of Banach algebras (F. Cabello Sánchez, R. García). On the ideal structure of some algebras with an Arens product (M. Filali). Stochastic continuity algebras (B.M. Schreiber). Hilbert space methods in the theory of Lie triple systems (A.J. Calderón Martín, C. Martín González). Truncated Hamburger moment problems with constraints (V.M. Adamyan, I.M. Tkachenko). Fourier-Bessel transformation of measures and singular differential equations (A.B. Muravnik). A trace theorem for normal boundary conditions (M. Poppenberg). Operators into Hardy spaces and analytic Pettis integrable functions (F.J. Freniche, J.C. García-Vázquez, L. Rodríguez-Piazza). The norm problem for elementary operators (M. Mathieu). Problems on Boolean algebras of projections in locally convex spaces (W.J. Ricker). Non associative C -algebras revisited (K. El Amin, A. Morales Campoy, A. Rodríguez Palacios). Grothendieck's inequalities revisited (A.M. Peralta, A. Rodríguez Palacios).