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S. Reynaud, E. Giacobino, F. David

ISBN 0444825932
Pages 640

Quantum fluctuations are present in many domains of physics. In recent years, there has been significant progress in the theoretical and experimental study of these fluctuations, in optics, electronics, atomic physics, metrology, relativity and cosmology. Quantum fluctuations are now observed and measured in experiments and also modified and manipulated using elaborate techniques. These proceedings bring together young scientists who together examine new techniques and the latest research in the field.
Among the topics covered are: the methods used to treat quantum fluctuations in optical systems; the recent development of the quantum stochastic methods; the interaction of light with nonlinear materials; the generation of sub-Poisson photon statistics in lasers through the pumping mechanism; the problem of measurement of electromagnetic fields; the problems of instabilities, turbulence and chaos; the analysis of phenomena related to gravity, inertia and cosmology.

Preface. 1. Quantum fluctuations in optical systems (P.L. Knight). 2. Quantum noise in quantum optics: the stochastic Schrödinger equation (P. Zoller, C.W. Gardiner). 3. The quantum optics of dielectrics (S.M. Barnett). 4. Quantum fluctuations in light beams (C. Fabre). 5. Sub-Poisson photon statistics (L. Davidovich). 6. Quantum tomography of nonclassical light (S.F. Pereira et al. ). 7. Sensitivity in quantum measurements (V.B. Braginsky). 8. Cavity quantum electrodynamics (J.M. Raimond, S. Haroche). 9. Quantum non-demolition measurements in optics (Ph. Grangier). 10. Quantum fluctuations in electrical circuits (M.H. Devoret). 11. Spectral fluctuations in disordered metals (G. Montambaux). 12. Quantum fluctuations and nonlinear optical patterns (L.A. Lugiato, A. Gatti, H. Wiedemann). 13. Quantum and wave signatures of chaos (F. Haake). 14. Quantum fluctuations and inertia (M.T. Jaekel, S. Reynaud). 15. Vacuum fluctuations and cosmology (L.P. Grishchuk). Seminars: 1. The Hermitian optical phase operator (S.M. Barnett, D.T. Pegg). 2. Dissipative quantum systems (G.-L. Ingold). 3. Sonoluminescence as quantum vacuum radiation (C. Eberlein). 4. Fundamental physics experiments in space (Y. Jafry). Series: Les Houches