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Equilibrium Models and Variational Inequalities,210

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Equilibrium Models and Variational Inequalities,210

Igor Konnov

ISBN 0444530304
Pages 248

Preface Contents List of Figures 1. Introduction Part I : Models 2. Linear Models in Economics 3. Linear Dynamic Models of an Economy 4. Optimization and Equilibria 5. Nonlinear Economic Equilibrium Models 6. Transportation and Migration Models Part II : Complementarity Problems 7. Complementarity with Z Properties 8. Applications 9. Complementarity with P Properties 10. Applications Part III: Variational Inequalities 11. Theory of Variational Inequalities 12. Applications 13. Projection Type Methods 14. Applications of the Projection Methods 15. Regularization Methods 16. Direct Iterative Methods for Monotone Variational Inequalities 17. Solutions to Exercises Bibliography Index