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Half-Linear Differential Equations

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Half-Linear Differential Equations

Ondrej Dol, Pavel Rehk

ISBN 0444520392
Pages 532

The book presents a systematic and compact treatment of the qualitative theory of half-linear
differential equations. It contains the most updated and comprehensive material and represents the first attempt to present the results of the rapidly developing theory of half-linear differential equations in a unified form. The main topics covered by the book are oscillation and asymptotic theory and the theory of boundary value problems associated with half-linear equations, but the book also contains a treatment of related topics like PDEs with p-Laplacian, half-linear difference equations and various more general nonlinear differential equations.

Preface. 1. Basic Theory. 2 Methods of Oscillation Theory. 3 Oscillation and Nonoscillation Criteria. 4 Nonoscillatory Solutions. 5 Various Oscillation Problems. 6 BVP's for Half-Linear Differential Equations. 7 Partial Differential Equations with p-Laplacian. 8 Half-Linear Difference Equations. 9 Related Differential Equations and Inequalities. Bibliography. Index. Author Index