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Relation Algebras,150

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Relation Algebras,150

Roger Maddux

ISBN 0444520139
Pages 731

The modern theory of algebras of binary relations, reformulated by Tarski as an abstract, algebraic, equational theory of relation algebras, has considerable mathematical significance, with applications in various fields: e.g., in computer science---databases, specification theory, AI---and in anthropology, economics, physics, and philosophical logic.

This comprehensive treatment of the theory of relation algebras and the calculus of relations is the first devoted to a systematic development of the subject.

Preface List of Figures List of Tables Chapter 1. Calculus of relations Chapter 2. Set theory Chapter 3. General algebra Chapter 4. Logic with equality Chapter 5. Boolean algebras Chapter 6. Relation algebras Chapter 7. Algebraic logic Chapter 8. 4329 finite integral relation algebras Bibliography Index