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Geometry of Manifolds Volume 8

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Geometry of Manifolds Volume 8

K. Shiohama

ISBN 0126401705
Pages 517

This volume contains the papers presented at a symposium on differential geometry at Shinshu University in July of 1988. Carefully reviewed by a panel of experts, the papers pertain to the following areas of research: dynamical systems, geometry of submanifolds and tensor geometry, lie sphere geometry, Riemannian geometry, Yang-Mills Connections, and geometry of the Laplace operator.

Dynamical Systems and Geometry: H. Akiyama, Applications of Nonstandard Analysis to Stochastic Flows and Heat Kernels on Manifolds. Y. Watanabe, Hamiltonian Structure and Formal Complete Integrability of Third-Order Evolution Equations of Not Normal Type. A. Yoshioka, The Quasi-Classical Calculation of Eigenvalues for the Bochner-Laplacian on a Line Bundle. Geometry of Submanifolds and Tensor Geometry: K. Akutagawa, The Dirichlet Problem at Infinity for Harmonic Mappings between Hadamard Manifolds. H. Hashimoto, Oriented 6-Dimensional Submanifolds in the Octonians: II. T. Kashiwada, Notes on Tricerri-Vanhecke's Decomposition of Curvature Tensors. T. Nagano and M. Sumi, The Structure of the Symmetric Space with Applications. T. Sato, On Some Compact Almost K adahler Manifolds with Constant Holomorphic Sectional Curvature. Y. Taniguchi, On the Rigidity and Homogeneity for K adahler Submanifolds of Complex Space Forms. M. Umehara and K. Yamada, Harmonic Non-Holomorphic Maps of 2-Tori into the 2-Sphere. Lie Sphere Geometry: J. Kaneko, Wave Equation and Isoparametric Hypersurfaces. R. Miyaoka and T. Ozawa, Construction of Taut Embeddings and Cecil-Ryan Conjecture. H. Sato and K. Yamaguchi, Lie Contact Manifolds. T. Yatsui, On Simple Graded Lie Algebras of Finite Depth. Riemannian Geometry: R. Ichida, On Decompositions of Riemannian Manifolds with Nonnegative Ricci Curvature. J.-i. Itoh, p-Convex Domains in Rn. M. Maeda, Geodesic Spheres and Poles. Y. Otsu, Topology of Complete Open Manifolds with Non-Negative Ricci Curvature. T. Sakai, On the Isodiametric Inequality for the 2-Sphere. K. Shiohama and M. Tanaka, An Isoperimetric Problem for Infinitely Connected Complete Open Surfaces. K. Shiohama and T. Yamaguchi, Positively Curved Manifolds with Restricted Diameters. T. Shioya, The Ideal Boundaries of Complete Open Surfaces Admitting Total Curvature c(M) = -(infinity). T. Yamaguchi, On the Lengths of Stable Jacobi Fields. The Geometry of Laplace Operators: A. Ikeda, Riemannian Manifolds p-Isospectral but Not (p+1)-Isospectral. H. Naito, On the Holomorphicity of Pluriharmonic Maps. T. Okayasu, On the Instability of Minimal Submanifolds and Harmonic Maps. Yang-Mills Connections: H. Doi and T. Okai, Compactifying the Moduli Space of 1-Instantons on HPn. H. Urakawa, Spectra of Riemannian Manifolds Without Focal Points. M. Itoh, Based Anti-Instantons and Gravitational Instantons. Y. Kamiyama, The 2-