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Handbook of Analysis, CD-ROM Version

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Handbook of Analysis, CD-ROM Version

Eric Schechter

ISBN 0126227659

This version of Handbook of Analysis provides convenient access to reference material on the foundations of mathematical analysis. It is appropriate for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in mathematics, as well as practitioners. The CD-ROM is a unified presentation of the foundation of virtually all of mathematics, with the exception of geometry.

Preface. Sets And Orderings. Sets. Functions. Relations And Orderings. More About Sups And Infs. Filters, Topologies, And Other Sets Of Sets. Constructivism And Choice. Nets And Convergences. Algebra. Elementary Algebraic Systems. Concrete Categories. The Real Numbers. Linearity. Convexity. Boolean Algebras. Logic And Intangibles. Topology And Uniformity. Topological Spaces. Separation And Regularity Axioms. Compactness. Uniform Spaces. Metric And Uniform Completeness. Baire Theory. Positive Measure And Integration. Topology Vector Spaces. Norms. Normed Operators. Generalized Riemann Integrals. Fréchet Derivatives. Metrization Of Groups And Vector Spaces. Barrels And Other Features Of TVS's Duality And Weak Compactness. Vector Measures. Initial Value Problems. References. Index And Symbol List.