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Optical Radiometry,41

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Optical Radiometry,41

Albert Parr, Raju Datla, James Gardner

ISBN 0124759882
Pages 586

Preface Chapter 1 - Introduction to Radiometry (R.U. Datla and A.C. Parr) Chapter 2 - Absolute Radiometers (N.P. Fox and J.P. Rice) Chapter 3 - Realization of Spectral Responsivity Scales (L.P. Boivin) Chapter 4 - Transfer Standard Filter Radiometers: Applications to Fundamental Scales (G.P. Eppeldauer, S.W. Brown and K.R. Lykke) Chapter 5 - Primary Sources for Use in Radiometry (J. Hollandt, J. Seidel, R. Klein, G. Ulm, A. Migdall and M. Ware) Chapter 6 - Uncertainty Estimates in Radiometry (J.L. Gardner) Chapter 7 - Photometry (Y. Ohno) Chapter 8 - Laser Radiometry (G.W. Day) Chapter 9 - Diffraction Effects in Radiometry (E.L. Shirley) Chapter 10 - The Calibration and Characterization of Earth Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring Instruments (J.J. Butler, B.C. Johnson and R.A. Barnes) Appendix A - Example: Calibration of a Cryogenic Blackbody (R.U. Datla, E.L. Shirley and A.C. Parr) Appendix B - Uncertainty Example: Spectral Irradiance Transfer with Absolute Calibration by Reference to Illuminance (J.L. Gardner) Index