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Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-A Components

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Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-A Components

Ivan Kaminow, Tingye Li

ISBN 0123951720
Pages 876

Volume IVA is devoted to progress in optical component research and development. Topics include design of optical fiber for a variety of applications, plus new materials for fiber amplifiers, modulators, optical switches, light wave devices, lasers, and high bit-rate electronics. This volume is an excellent companion to Optical Fiber Telecommunications IVB: Systems and Impairments (March 2002, ISBN: 0-12-3951739).

Table of Contents Overview Design of Optical Fibers for Communications Systems New Materials for Optical Amplifiers Advances in Erbium-Doped Amplifiers Raman Amplification in Lightwave Communication Systems Electrooptic Modulators Optical Switching in Transport Network: Applications, Requirements, Architectures, Technologies, and Solutions Applications for Optical Switch Fabrics Planar Lightwave Devices for WDM Fiber Grating Devices in High-Performance Optical Communications Systems Pump Laser Diodes Telecommunication Lasers VCSEL for Metro Communication Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers All Optical Regeneration: Principles and WDM Implementation High Bit-rate Receivers, Transmitters, and Electronics Index to Volumes IVA and IVB